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VC-C50i Canon Monitoring System VB-C50Fi / VB-C50FSi Security Camera

VB-C50i / VB-C50iR Security Camera
and Monitoring System

The VB-C50i is the all-in-one camera and server solution for all your security needs. With a Web server built right in, the VB-C50i can transmit video images directly to your PC. You simply connect your camera to your computer through the Web or your LAN and, in minutes, you're viewing still or full motion video. There's also the built-in network server that provides viewing for up to 20 clients simultaneously. With such performance, the fast, simple, complete network video solution you've been looking for,

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VB-C50Fi / VB-C50FSi Security Camera

Designed as a low cost alternative for those not requiring pan and tilt control. The VB-C50FSi is a high-performance fixed camera with built-in network server (provides viewing for up to 50 clients simultaneously) offering advanced monitoring functions and PoE (Power over Ethernet) support in an attractive, compact unit. The cameras comes with 26X optical zoom lens combined with a 12X digital zoom. With two-way audio the VB-C50FSi is capable of sending and receiving audio,

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VB101 Netwrok Camera Server   Canon VC-C50iR & Dotworkz Ring of Fire for Cold Climates

VB101 Netwrok Camera Server

The VB101 Network Camera Server is the Internet video solution to fit your every need. This server makes it easy to transmit smooth, real-time video over the Internet or an Intranet. Connect up to 4 Canon Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras and control them remotely anywhere in the world through a web browser.You can access the VB150 through a LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) or the Internet/Ethernet through a standard RJ-45 (Ethernet phone-jack) connection or an optional modem card,

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Canon VC-C50iR & Dotworkz Ring of Fire for Cold Climates

Protect your Canon VC-Cr0iR camera from the cold environment with Dotworkz Ring of Fire dome enclosure. The system includes a thermostatically controlled interior and de-icing/defrosting circuit. It is the perfect package for cell towers, ski areas, and other northern locales. Custom temperatures and voltages are also available,

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